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Recruitment, a critical step for the Executive committees


Helping our clients adress challenges in a multiplicity of contexts


Board Effectiveness Assessment

Executive search

Bespoke advisor

Our process:

  • Rewording of the company’s needs
  • Search Strategy and schedule of the assignment
  • Direct approach and assessments of candidates
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Presentation of a short list of candidates supported by thorough appraisal reports
  • Assistance in the selection of the final candidate
  • Reference checking
  • Candidate follow-up and integration

  • An opportunity to review the company’s values, strategy and organization
  • A way to gauge the company’s reputation and attractiveness
  • An access to the market: Benchmarks, Business Intelligence, Trends

  • Leaders Trust vouches for the independence of the candidates and their non-conflict position
  • Possibility to rely on/apply to our worldwide alliance to ensure a broad diversity
  • The process for approaching and  assessing non-executive directors is similar to that used for recruiting  executives

  • Bespoke partnership
  • Benchmark of best practices
  • A local approach to international markets through the firms of the AltoPartners alliance
  • Sector-specific expertise of international Practices
  • Limited  “Off-limits”
  • Possibility to envision your issues through a digital perspective with Digital Jobs


An answer to companies  in multiple types of context (growth, crisis, mergers/acquisitions and due diligence HR, talent management)

Assessment of management teams and high-potential individuals

Succession planning

Assessment of management teams and high-potential individuals

  • Briefing on the company’s culture, its objectives and its strategy
  • Approval of the defined objectives and of the specific evaluation criteria to be selected
  • Constitution of the Steering Committee and approval of the communication explaining and supporting the exercise
  • Preparation of the interviews

  • Evaluation interviews
  • Detailed individual appraisals based on our proprietary tool

  • Presentation of the results to the Steering Committee (individual reports and concise overall analysis)
  • Recommendations of career development options or amendments to the organisation
  • Feedback to the management
  • Individual feedbacks

Same methodology as for the assessment of Management teams and High Potentials, combined with an organisational review.

Board services

Board effectiveness assessment

The quality of the work of the Board of Directors, it’s culture, and its relations with the Executive Management of a company is key to its long-term performance and reputation on the markets

  • Definition of the critical topics important for the company’s governance and scrutinized by the markets and the investors
  • Face to face  interviews with the non-executive directors
  • Questionnaire submission
  • Presentation of the summary and recommendations to the Board of Directors, after approval by the Steering Committee

Compliance with The AFEP/MEDEF, Corporate governance Code of listed corporations (amended in 2013), requires that an annual evaluation be dedicated to the structure and operation of Boards of Directors. It recommends that every company proceed with an in-depth evaluation every three years, preferably with  an external consultant as a guarantee of the independence of the assessment and as a benchmark to the market.